Monday, November 28, 2011

Blazer hunt

I have been meaning to find myself a nice fitted blazer for a while.
So far, I have only been to places like Forever 21, Dynamite, Suzy Shier, Garage, etc... Hoping that I can find a decent blazer that fits for a low price. With my petite frame, it was impossible.

You can skip the following story if you are not interested lol:

I was thinking: "Why not just buy the smallest size available and go for alterations?"
And then it hit me... alterations are not cheap, especially if I need to have the shoulders taken in, arms slimmed, sleeves shortened, waist taken in... With all that done, the alteration cost probably won't be any less than $60. So even with a $40 blazer, the total cost would be over $100. And there is no guarantee that I will like it after alterations.
If I were going to spend over $100 on an average quality blazer that I may not like after alterations, why not just try searching in other places?
So... with a budget of about $150, I went into the first two stores that came to my mind; BCBG Max Azria and Aritzia.

First stop: BCBG. (Once again, prices are cheaper on website because of conversion rate.)


#1: Carmella Jacket
(Available online)

Price: $310.00
Size: XXS 
Pros: It was unique because of the tulle on the sleeves and trims of the blazer. Length was not too long.
Cons: Shoulders too big. Sleeves too long. Arms were loose. Way over budget.
Decision: Did not buy.


#2: Wes Long-Sleeve Single Button Jacket
(Available online)

Price: $274.00
Size: XXS 
Pros: This blazer was supposed to be cropped, so I thought it would work out to be a nice length on me... Again, it was unique and not just a boring classic blazer.

Cons: The cropped fit turned out to be awkward. Sleeves too long and shoulders too big again. Out of budget range...

Decision: Did not buy.


#3: Candice Draped Jacket
(Available online)
also available in a similar style in different color

Price: $190.00
Size: XXS 
Pros: Yay. One that is close to my budget range. I thought the "drape" front was interesting. It slants downwards from the back so it looks flattering for my body shape - makes me waist look slim and my bum smaller haha.

Cons: Same problem; shoulders were too wide. The sleeves were also too wide. The "drapes" looked a little strange once I put it on.
Decision: Did not buy.


 #4: Talula Exeter Shrunken Blazer

Price: $125.00
Size: 00
Pros:Very fitted! Classic look and perfect length. Within budget!! =]
Cons: The sleeves were a teeny bit too long, but I was going to wear this blazer mid-sleeve anyway.
Decision: Purchased.

 I was so happy to have found a fitted blazer! No alterations needed XD

Here's what it looks like by itself:
(They also have a longer version of this, but I tried it on and the length was not flattering on me; my bum made the back part stick out and I looked like a chicken.)

Made with wool, polyester and spandex. Not too shabby.
Came with an extra gold button.

Mission accomplished =]

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Yellow Cardigan

I went to Forever 21 to see if I can spend my store credit on something...
And I did! I found a yellow cardigan =D

Yellow Cardigan from Forever 21
 (There were other colors available in the store. I can't find this cardigan online though.)

Price: $17.50
Size: S
Pros: Comfy material. Love the color! And I like the length of it.
Cons: It is a little bit big around the shoulders. And the sleeves are too long on me (it is supposed to be a mid-lengh sleeve). Material is a bit too thick to be tucked in so I can only wear it as a top layer. It is also a bit wide around the waist so it doesn't look too great if it's all done up because it makes your shape disappear.
Decision: Purchased.


Purchased it because I fell in love with the color.
Here's me trying on the cardigan at home so you have a better idea of how it looks like (since the above picture isn't exactly flattering).

Wearing it casually with a tank, jeans and belt =]

Trying to match it with my power skirt (mentioned in this post) for a more work-appropriate look.

Loving this cardigan, despite it being a bit big on me.
It looks better when it's not buttoned up =P

Although I could not find this exact cardigan online, here are some similar ones I found...
Click on the image to view the item. Both items are also from Forever 21.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stores I haven't been to for years

You know when you switch over to that crazy shopping mode? And you go into almost every single store you see because you just feel like shopping?
That happened.
I went into stores I have not stepped foot in for years, literally, because I never found anything I liked in those stores. Different story today, though; I actually found stuff that I wanted to try on and may potentially buy, haha.

All the stores were having sales for Black Friday.

#1: Frilled V-Neck Sweater

Price: $44.90 (Sale --> $29.99)
Size: XS 
Pros: I liked the color and length of the sweater. I also liked that it was on the thinner side so that it can be tucked into bottoms. Very soft.
Cons: The frills looked a little awkward - even thought that was what interested me at first look.
Decision: Did not buy.


#2:  Shrug Wrap Cardigan

Price: $79.00 (Sale --> $49.99)
Size: XS 
Pros: It looked cute from the front. Simple, easy to match.
Cons: From the side, this cardigan gives no shape. It also made me look shorter than I already am.
Decision: Did not buy.


#3: Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Sweater

Price: $44.95 (Sale --> $39.95 in store / $30.00 online)
Size: XS 
Pros: Loved how simple this was - both in style and color. It had a line down the back, which made me look more slim for some reason - or at least I thought it did. It was also really soft and comfy. I can wear it by itself or layer it.
Cons: It fits longer on me than it should. But that's no biggie.
Decision: Will purchase online, since it's cheaper online haha.


#4: True Black Peacoat

Price: $88.00 (but is $78.00 online - I don't understand)
Size: L
Pros: I was so happy to find a coat that fits me nicely. I thought this peacoat was really cute. Perfect length for me too!
Cons: It looks a little unflattering from the side.
Decision: Will probably buy this if I can't a better fitted coat soon. In need of warm winter outerwear.


Lesson learned today: You may find things you like in stores you don't usually shop at XD
After the experience today, I may just check these stores once in a while now from now on. Haha.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sale at Plenty

There is a Black Friday Sale event going on at Plenty. For those of you who like the store and have the store around your area, check out their blog post for a list of the brands on sale and how much discount there is for the brands =]

#1: Monk & Lou Trench Coat

Price: $225 (25% off --> $168.75)
Size: XXS 
Pros: I have always wanted a trench coat like this and they have it in a taupe color - I love neutral tones. The length is surprisingly not extremely long on me. Shoulders and waist were fitted nicely.
Cons: Although not extremely long on me, it is still longer than I'd like. As you can see, the sleeves are too wide and too long. The chest area is also too big.
Decision: Considering. I need to look into how much alterations would be and whether or not the alterations can be done.


#2: Adidas Firebird Track Top
(Availabe on Adidas website)

Also tried on the sharp blue color
Price: $60 (50% off --> $30.00)
Size: XS
Pros: I was so attracted to the olive green color. I tried on the sharp blue color as well, which I also liked, but I liked the olive color better. This top is pretty thin and will be great to wear on top of a tank or something in the summer or when running errands.

Cons: It is very sporty and casual, which isn't my usual style.

Decision: Purchased.


Also bought a nice sweater for a Christmas gift at the store =]

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


BCBG's sizes seems to fit bigger than other stores. I'm referring to BCBG Max Azria, not sure about the other lines under BCBG. Maybe BCBGeneration will fit smaller since it seems to target a younger age range.
Anyway... they were having a 30% off sale =]

Note: Prices are different inside Canadian stores. The prices I list here are from the store. The items are cheaper on the US site. I'm guessing it's because they have a 1.2 conversion rate.

#1: Rocha Cowl-Neck Sweater
(Available online)

Price: $417 --> Sale $291.90
Size: XXS/XS
Pros: The design is really cute. A casual oversized sweater. It's warm enough to wear outdoors without having to wear a jacket on top.
Cons: You cannot tell from these pictures, but I looked like a little T-rex in this sweater because the sleeves were so big on me. I guess this sweater's fit is even bigger than the usual XXS size BCBG has because it is meant to fit both XXS and XS.
Decision: Did not buy.


 #2: Fabric & Leather Satchel


Price: $286  --> Sale $200.20
Pros: I really loved the look of this satchel. Really like the beige and brown combo with the red snake skin stripe in the middle. The strap's length is long on me in these pictures, but it is adjustable. Bag had multiple compartments inside.
Cons: The bag's size was too big for tiny me =_=
Decision: Did not buy.


#3: Camira Dress
(Available online)

Price: $478 --> Sale $334.60
Size: XXS
Pros: Loved how elegant this dress looked. I like how it has the beautiful studs on the neckline and that it covers up the chest area, yet it shows a little because it's sheer. The ruching flatters the body.
Cons: The dress is too long, I had to pull the dress up a bit in this pictures, which gathers more fabric on the waist. The sleeveless top of the dress is too big as well; it's loose around my shoulders. With alterations, this dress will probably cost over $400 and since I don't have any occasions to wear this to, I can't justify buying it =(
Decision: Did not buy.


At least the big sizes saved me from spending.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

BCBG Work Skirt

#1: Silvie Power Skirt

Price: $179 (cheaper on the site)
Size: XXS
Pros: Very nice fit. Loved the color. The skirt's material is thick, yet stretchy. It makes my bum look good lol!
Cons: Very pricey. And because the skirt is so fitted, I cannot tuck anything too thick into it.
Decision: Purchased.

More details on the skirt:


The material is pretty thick, as you can see from the above picture.
One thing I have to mention is that this skirt is on the tighter side (in comparison to their other products), and it has no zipper, so some people go a size up.


I know... I only tried on one thing. Surprising, right?
Actually, no. I tried on another two skirts but I didn't take a picture of them =(

Monday, November 21, 2011

Forever 21 tops

Decided to try one a couple of casual tops at Forever 21. I was attracted by some of the pretty earrings (see this post) they had when I went in the store lol.

#1: Leopard Print Top

Price: $27~
Size: S
Pros: Really loved the print. The top was in a cute fuzzy material too.
Cons: It was too big on me. The sleeves looked like they were confused - they had an identity crisis of whether or not they were long sleeves or mid-sleeves on me. The waist was very loose and looked unflattering.
Decision: Did not buy.


#2: Short Sleeve Striped Top

Price: $16.50
Size: S
Pros:Very casual and simple. I liked the color combination - it's something simple that you can match easily. The shirt was also pretty comfy.
Cons: Although I liked this top, it was nothing very special. One of those pieces where you could go with our without.
Decision: Did not buy.


#3: Mustard Yellow Skirt
(See above pictures for picture of the skirt)

Price: $7.50
Size: S
Pros: I love mustard yellow! The skirt was a comfy, casual material, and it was so cheap!
Cons: The smallest size the skirt comes in is small, which was too big. I have to take the skirt to alterations.
Decision: Bought it.


#4: Pink & White Striped Oversize Top

Price: $16.50 (? - oops... don't remember exactly)
Size: S
Pros: Really liked the colors. The oversized look made this top very cute.
Cons: Once again, too big. The sleeves were too long and the bottom part where it's supposed to be tight on the thighs are loose - it almost looks like the top has been washed too many times and the bottom part lost its shape.
Decision: Did not buy.


Didn't purchase too many pieces of clothing today, but the earrings I bought made up for it.
I also bought a lot of food... so I guess it evens out haha.

Welcome to my fitting room

This is where I blog about my "fit sessions" when I'm out shopping trying on clothes, or just things I find in general while I'm shopping.
The purpose of this blog was that I could keep track of what I liked and maybe have a better "to-buy" list when I save money. But I guess this blog can also help out girls who are petite like me, trying to find clothes that fit. I guess this can also help anyone who likes shopping because I will post about any sales or goodies I run into ;)

For old posts of my shopping logs, see the old shopping entries from my regular blog.
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