Monday, November 21, 2011

Forever 21 tops

Decided to try one a couple of casual tops at Forever 21. I was attracted by some of the pretty earrings (see this post) they had when I went in the store lol.

#1: Leopard Print Top

Price: $27~
Size: S
Pros: Really loved the print. The top was in a cute fuzzy material too.
Cons: It was too big on me. The sleeves looked like they were confused - they had an identity crisis of whether or not they were long sleeves or mid-sleeves on me. The waist was very loose and looked unflattering.
Decision: Did not buy.


#2: Short Sleeve Striped Top

Price: $16.50
Size: S
Pros:Very casual and simple. I liked the color combination - it's something simple that you can match easily. The shirt was also pretty comfy.
Cons: Although I liked this top, it was nothing very special. One of those pieces where you could go with our without.
Decision: Did not buy.


#3: Mustard Yellow Skirt
(See above pictures for picture of the skirt)

Price: $7.50
Size: S
Pros: I love mustard yellow! The skirt was a comfy, casual material, and it was so cheap!
Cons: The smallest size the skirt comes in is small, which was too big. I have to take the skirt to alterations.
Decision: Bought it.


#4: Pink & White Striped Oversize Top

Price: $16.50 (? - oops... don't remember exactly)
Size: S
Pros: Really liked the colors. The oversized look made this top very cute.
Cons: Once again, too big. The sleeves were too long and the bottom part where it's supposed to be tight on the thighs are loose - it almost looks like the top has been washed too many times and the bottom part lost its shape.
Decision: Did not buy.


Didn't purchase too many pieces of clothing today, but the earrings I bought made up for it.
I also bought a lot of food... so I guess it evens out haha.

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