Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stores I haven't been to for years

You know when you switch over to that crazy shopping mode? And you go into almost every single store you see because you just feel like shopping?
That happened.
I went into stores I have not stepped foot in for years, literally, because I never found anything I liked in those stores. Different story today, though; I actually found stuff that I wanted to try on and may potentially buy, haha.

All the stores were having sales for Black Friday.

#1: Frilled V-Neck Sweater

Price: $44.90 (Sale --> $29.99)
Size: XS 
Pros: I liked the color and length of the sweater. I also liked that it was on the thinner side so that it can be tucked into bottoms. Very soft.
Cons: The frills looked a little awkward - even thought that was what interested me at first look.
Decision: Did not buy.


#2:  Shrug Wrap Cardigan

Price: $79.00 (Sale --> $49.99)
Size: XS 
Pros: It looked cute from the front. Simple, easy to match.
Cons: From the side, this cardigan gives no shape. It also made me look shorter than I already am.
Decision: Did not buy.


#3: Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Sweater

Price: $44.95 (Sale --> $39.95 in store / $30.00 online)
Size: XS 
Pros: Loved how simple this was - both in style and color. It had a line down the back, which made me look more slim for some reason - or at least I thought it did. It was also really soft and comfy. I can wear it by itself or layer it.
Cons: It fits longer on me than it should. But that's no biggie.
Decision: Will purchase online, since it's cheaper online haha.


#4: True Black Peacoat

Price: $88.00 (but is $78.00 online - I don't understand)
Size: L
Pros: I was so happy to find a coat that fits me nicely. I thought this peacoat was really cute. Perfect length for me too!
Cons: It looks a little unflattering from the side.
Decision: Will probably buy this if I can't a better fitted coat soon. In need of warm winter outerwear.


Lesson learned today: You may find things you like in stores you don't usually shop at XD
After the experience today, I may just check these stores once in a while now from now on. Haha.

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