Thursday, January 19, 2012

Did not intend on shopping

I did not intend on going shopping today...
But my friends asked if I wanted to meet up with them. I did, and we went shopping... and I ended up buying a lot of stuff when I am supposed to be saving money right now D=

I am going to split up my shopping haul into separate posts. I bought a bunch of other things that I couldn't take pictures of while I was in the fitting room, so I will post about those in the next post once I take pictures of those pieces later.

#1:  Striped Pencil Skirt
(from H&M)

Price: $12.95
Size: Girls 10 - 12
Pros: The black and white contrast stands out and makes the skirt look more fun. It was perfect fit!
Cons: The wide stripes can make my figure look wider.
Decision: Purchased.


#2: Black Pencil Skirt with Zippers
(from H&M)

Price: $12.95
Size: Girls 12 - 14
Pros: It is a black pencil skirt that is appropriate for work and play ;D I liked how it had zipper details.
Cons: They only had this skirt in size 12/14 Girls, which was a bit too big around the waist for me.
Decision: Purchased. I will exchange for the smaller size at another H&M location, but just in case they run out of stock, I bought this size first =P


#3: Coral Flower Sandals
(from Siren's)

Price: $30.00
Size: 5
Pros: I fell in love this the beautiful coral color and the cute summery design of these shoes! I also love the wooden look of the heels. The heels are also very high - which makes me so much taller = <3
Cons: Size 5 was the smallest size, which were still too big for me.
Decision: Purchased.

Here's a similar pair that are not high heels, for those of you who don't like high heels:

#4: Black Flower Sandals
(from Siren's)
Price: $30.00
Size: 5
Pros: Same exact style as the previous pair, just a different color... Very wearable - the style is summery, but the color makes these shoes suitable to wear even after spring and summer =]
Cons: Again, size 5 is still big for me, so I'll have to work some magic with insoles.
Decision: Purchased.


I'll post about my other purchases very soon!
Thanks for reading ^_^

Friday, January 13, 2012

My perfect coat

Here is my hunt for a coat/jacket to combat the cold weather.
I went to many other stores during my hunt, but most of the coats were just so big that I knew they will not fit at all without even trying them on.

There were two coats/jackets that I tried on from Forever 21 that I wanna show you guys though:

#1: Peacoat W/Leatherette Trim
(Available online)

Price: $53.80
Size: S
Pros: I really liked the style and colors of this coat. It was not very heavy.
Cons: Looked decent from the front, but looks stupidly large on me when I turn to the side. It made me look like I had a hunch back or something D=
Decision: Did not buy.


#2: Perforated Crop Biker Jacket
(Available online)

Price: $41.80
Size: 2
Pros: When I saw "UK 2", I grabbed this and tried it on right away because I have never came across a UK size 2 at Forever 21 before and I know I am a UK 2 at H&M. I am so attracted to these nude/brown/warm colors.
Cons: Sleeves were too long and too wide. The back also puffs out because it is too big (sorry I forgot to take a picture of me wearing it on the side).
Decision: Did not buy.


Thank god for kid sizes because I found my perfect coat at Juicy Couture! Hahaha!

#3: Fur Collar Tweedy Coat
Color: Smoky Charcoal

Price: $248 -> $169.99
Size: Girls 12
Pros: It fits me!!! And I absolutely love the style - it is so chic and elegant looking, and doesn't look childish. I love the cute puffy sleeves and the bubble-look of the coat. And it was on sale XD
Cons: Because part of the material is wool, it does give me an itch here and there, but that's no biggie.
Decision: Purchased and loving it to death.

Because I am loving this coat so much, I will show you more pics of it.

Here's what the coat looked like brand new:

Fuzzy faux fur collar.

Very pretty buttons.

Came with a little box that includes an extra pretty button inside.


I also bought a more casual-looking jacket from Giordano, but I forgot to post about it.
I'll update with pics of that jacket soon =]

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Boxing sale at Jacob

Sorry, this post is overdue. I forgot about this until I started transferring pictures back to my reformatted computer.
Anyway, Jacob was having an amazing 50% off sale during boxing week and I went to check out the sale after work.

* NOTE: The prices are even cheaper now. I linked the items to the website if you are interested. The prices I listed here in the post are the prices during the boxing sale.

#1: Blue Cowlneck Sweater
(Available online)

Price: $59 -> $29.50
Size: XS/S
Pros: I liked the color and material. You can basically throw this on with anything casual.
Cons: Even though it is supposed to be oversized, it was too big and looked like a poncho on me. The side looked especially weird on me.
Decision: Did not buy.


#2: Beaded Collar Blouse
(Availabe online)

Check out the collar XD
Price: $69 -> $34.50 (even cheaper now)
Size: XS
Pros: I loved how this was so cute, yet still classy. Also really loved the little rhinestone beads at the top and that it is sheer. And white is a classic color that cannot go wrong.
Cons: I had been eyeing this piece but I was hesitant to buy it before. Adding to the fact that the blouse is white, it is a chiffony material, so it is easily stained - especially the collar, where make up can easily be rubbed onto. Also, it was slightly a bit bigger than I'd like.
Decision: Purchased, and loving it!


Aside from this purchase, I have been on a coat/jacket hunt. I only had two pieces of warm outerwear for the cold weather. One is a puffy, purple bomber jacket, and the other is a bright red peacoat. Both can be hard to match, since their colors are so bold, so I wanted to find something with a neutral tone.
I will post about my coat/jacket hunt soon =D
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