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This is where I blog about my "fit sessions" when I'm out shopping trying on clothes, or just things I find in general while I'm shopping.
The purpose of this blog was that I could keep track of what I liked and maybe have a better "to-buy" list when I save money. But I guess this blog can also help out girls who are petite like me, trying to find clothes that fit. I guess this can also help anyone who likes shopping because I will post about any sales or goodies I run into ;)

Hope you either find my posts helpful or at least interesting =]
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Call me Kiwi =]
If you are interested in stalking finding out more about me, go ahead and visit my regular blog, where I talk about anything that may happen in my everyday life.
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I am a very petite girl - I am under 5 feet tall with a very small bone structure, as well as a tiny shoe size. It is usually very difficult for me to find clothes right off the rack from stores that will fit me nicely, if at all.
That's why I am keeping a blog of my shopping experiences. This helps me remember which stores may carry sizes that I can fit in, or remember certain styles from specific stores that may be a good fit on me.
Hopefully, my blog entries will be helpful to my readers as well. If you are petite, like me, maybe you will find something that I have blogged about that will fit you very nicely =]. I also blog about sales or other goodies I find in stores, so you do not have to be a petite person to enjoy my blog haha.

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If you've spotted anything that is petite friendly that I do not know of, please leave me a comment and let me know! =D

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