Sunday, November 27, 2011

Yellow Cardigan

I went to Forever 21 to see if I can spend my store credit on something...
And I did! I found a yellow cardigan =D

Yellow Cardigan from Forever 21
 (There were other colors available in the store. I can't find this cardigan online though.)

Price: $17.50
Size: S
Pros: Comfy material. Love the color! And I like the length of it.
Cons: It is a little bit big around the shoulders. And the sleeves are too long on me (it is supposed to be a mid-lengh sleeve). Material is a bit too thick to be tucked in so I can only wear it as a top layer. It is also a bit wide around the waist so it doesn't look too great if it's all done up because it makes your shape disappear.
Decision: Purchased.


Purchased it because I fell in love with the color.
Here's me trying on the cardigan at home so you have a better idea of how it looks like (since the above picture isn't exactly flattering).

Wearing it casually with a tank, jeans and belt =]

Trying to match it with my power skirt (mentioned in this post) for a more work-appropriate look.

Loving this cardigan, despite it being a bit big on me.
It looks better when it's not buttoned up =P

Although I could not find this exact cardigan online, here are some similar ones I found...
Click on the image to view the item. Both items are also from Forever 21.

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