Monday, November 28, 2011

Blazer hunt

I have been meaning to find myself a nice fitted blazer for a while.
So far, I have only been to places like Forever 21, Dynamite, Suzy Shier, Garage, etc... Hoping that I can find a decent blazer that fits for a low price. With my petite frame, it was impossible.

You can skip the following story if you are not interested lol:

I was thinking: "Why not just buy the smallest size available and go for alterations?"
And then it hit me... alterations are not cheap, especially if I need to have the shoulders taken in, arms slimmed, sleeves shortened, waist taken in... With all that done, the alteration cost probably won't be any less than $60. So even with a $40 blazer, the total cost would be over $100. And there is no guarantee that I will like it after alterations.
If I were going to spend over $100 on an average quality blazer that I may not like after alterations, why not just try searching in other places?
So... with a budget of about $150, I went into the first two stores that came to my mind; BCBG Max Azria and Aritzia.

First stop: BCBG. (Once again, prices are cheaper on website because of conversion rate.)


#1: Carmella Jacket
(Available online)

Price: $310.00
Size: XXS 
Pros: It was unique because of the tulle on the sleeves and trims of the blazer. Length was not too long.
Cons: Shoulders too big. Sleeves too long. Arms were loose. Way over budget.
Decision: Did not buy.


#2: Wes Long-Sleeve Single Button Jacket
(Available online)

Price: $274.00
Size: XXS 
Pros: This blazer was supposed to be cropped, so I thought it would work out to be a nice length on me... Again, it was unique and not just a boring classic blazer.

Cons: The cropped fit turned out to be awkward. Sleeves too long and shoulders too big again. Out of budget range...

Decision: Did not buy.


#3: Candice Draped Jacket
(Available online)
also available in a similar style in different color

Price: $190.00
Size: XXS 
Pros: Yay. One that is close to my budget range. I thought the "drape" front was interesting. It slants downwards from the back so it looks flattering for my body shape - makes me waist look slim and my bum smaller haha.

Cons: Same problem; shoulders were too wide. The sleeves were also too wide. The "drapes" looked a little strange once I put it on.
Decision: Did not buy.


 #4: Talula Exeter Shrunken Blazer

Price: $125.00
Size: 00
Pros:Very fitted! Classic look and perfect length. Within budget!! =]
Cons: The sleeves were a teeny bit too long, but I was going to wear this blazer mid-sleeve anyway.
Decision: Purchased.

 I was so happy to have found a fitted blazer! No alterations needed XD

Here's what it looks like by itself:
(They also have a longer version of this, but I tried it on and the length was not flattering on me; my bum made the back part stick out and I looked like a chicken.)

Made with wool, polyester and spandex. Not too shabby.
Came with an extra gold button.

Mission accomplished =]

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