Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just killing time

I went to kill some time at Old Navy while waiting. It was the closest store to the exit. Haha.

#1: Printed Crew Neck Pullover
(Available online)

Price: $24.94
Size: XS
Pros: Love the print and the fit!
Cons: I guess you could say that because I have a short torso, the sweater fits longer on me... but I see that as a pro more since I like the length like that.
Decision: Purchased.


#2: Girls Fuzzy Hoodie
(Available online)

Price: $29.94
Size: Girls - XL
Pros: This looked cute and cozy... on the hanger. I thought it'd be fun to try on since I had more time to kill.

Cons: Size L was too small and XL was too big... But either way, this hoodie is not flattering at all. It looks like I gained 10 pounds after putting this on.

Decision: Did not buy.


So, I guess I got myself a surprise find today and unexpectedly spent some money, but I am liking the pullover sweater a lot =]

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