Thursday, June 14, 2012

Where are the extra small dresses?

Cat Print Dress from Zara

Price: $59 or $69 (Don't remember)
Size: S
Pros: Love the design - both the style and cut of the dress and the cute cat print all over it!
Cons: They only had this in size S, which was too big for me since the top part was way too slouchy than it was meant to be.
Decision: Did not buy.


Pink Dress with Ruffles from Forever 21


Price: Don't remember
Size: S
Pros: I like the color and the ruffles, and the style too - the elastic waist band makes your waist look smaller ;)
Cons: Smallest this dress came in was a small. Again, it was too big for me. The first picture is such low quality so you probably can't tell, but the V down the middle was too deep and when I lean forward, you can see everything lol.
Decision: Did not buy.


Bleh. Stupid stores. Why no extra small!?

if you are interested in seeing more pictures of my hair that day, you can see this post here. Not a tutorial though, just me taking pictures of my hair since I spent so much effort on it haha.

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